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Lawn & pool - Hotel Garni Mir.es in Dorf Tirol


We think sometimes less really is more. Especially less stress, less hectic and less daily routine. With us you can simply switch off and come to relaxation. Do wellness directly in front of your doorstep - in our newly designed garden area with outdoor pool.

Feel the warming rays of the sun on your skin and the gently tickling breeze, splash around with the kids or read a book ... Now is the time for a little me-time and time with the family.

Small snacks and cold drinks in the Mir.es bar


There, the perfect moment to relax.


Relax by our pool in the garden. Accompanied by a refreshing drink or a glass of good South Tyrolean wine, a snack for the small appetite or a creamy ice cream ...


Oh, this is exactly how summer feels!


Bed and breakfast in Dorf Tirol

A delicious breakfast with the smell of coffee in your nose and vitamin D on your skin, with crispy bread rolls and fresh fruit - this way a holiday day can start. Enjoy our rich breakfast buffet!

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